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Friday, October 20, 2006


first love experience was with muhsina. she had white skin, round and attractive face, round large thighs. and two sweet , wonderfull fleshy breasts.
Then I was in class 8. she was younger than me. may be in 7. she used to meet me on almost all days. I had no intention of having sex with her.
One day, quite unexpectedly, with no provocation , she made an allegation.
she declared : All students of class 8 flirts me.And as a student of class 8, I too was included in this statement.Till then I was a good frind of her.This was a kind of harasment , and I began to neglect her. I avoided talk with her. And in every actitvity, I avoided her.But she continued to stick to me.
One day she invited me to her house. I went to her home. There she was alone. We went to her room. she was talking a lot of things. I remebered her accusation.... that I used to flirt her.
I suddenly embraced her. she was silent. she didnot object. Then I brought herdown on her bed. And I had sex with her for the first time .
After this , she never accused me of flirting with her.
I continued to have sex with her for many years.she had no too hair, no mus. A round fat gerl. her body was smooth and soft. she had a nice round face and large red lips.
All Dears and Nearst!
Never whisper words of love if the feeling
is not true...Never share your feeling if
you mean to break a heart... Never look
into my eyes if all you have to do is
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